Product benefits

Hexagon Ragasco composite LPG cylinders offer numerous advantages to businesses and home-owners.

B2B Benefits

Meeting customer expectations while running a cost-effective and safe operation is key to your business. Our mission is to make LPG use a safer, easier experience for everyone. Since 2000, we have been producing cylinders with a unique range of user friendly features while establishing an unrivalled safety record. Distributing LPG with Hexagon Ragasco cylinders will help you:

Strenghten your Brand

  • Our smart and safer products with an aesthetically pleasing appearance will help your business stand out in the market.
  • The cylinders can be customized with your company color and logo for an immediate visual connection to your brand.

Increase and Protect your market share

•    Offering a customer-friendly cylinder helps you build customer preference and gives your business the possibility to attract new LPG users.

Improve your pricing power

  • With our composite LPG cylinders, you can add a Premium product to your portfolio and obtain a premium on refill.

Increased Safety

Our unrivalled safety record is backed by 21 years of experience and over 19 million units sold worldwide across all continents.

  • Our cylinders are BLEVE-free (less risk of rupture and explosion in case of fire) and offer greater reassurance for businesses.
  • Their high mechanical resistance ensures 50% higher burst pressure than steel counterparts making them a durable cylinder, even after many years of use.
  • The rust-free materials mean easier and faster quality control and easy visual damage detection. Regulatory markings are permanently engraved on the pressure vessel itself.
  • Their lighter weight meets maximum weight restrictions and result in less risk of injuries for your employees.

Reduce your Maintenance and Logistics costs

  • Composite LPG cylinders do not deteriorate like steel and they require less maintenance due to their rust-free characteristics. Your company will not spend on shot blasting paints or hot works as the cylinders are easy to clean and are designed for easy casing replacement.
  • Lower weight and stackable cylinders that enable better truck utilization reduce logistics costs. Their HSE friendly characteristics save time on manual handling.
  • Reduced filling line maintenance cost as wear and tear in filling carrousel / conveyor is minimized.
  • Reduced CO2 footprint and noise contamination.

B2C Benefits

Our cylinders have proven consumer satisfaction thanks to their unique features and they have become the standard for user-friendly LPG.


Hexagon Ragasco Cylinders lighter weight is one of their most user-friendly attributes, allowing end-users of both genders easy and ergonomic handling. Our cylinders are typically half the weight of their steel equivalents, easier to lift and handle, for just about anyone.


Users can easily see the gas level and know when it’s time to refill, which means they will be less likely to run out of gas while the cylinder is in use.
Their translucent construction eliminates the need for inaccurate gauges. A simple quick visual check is enough to confirm how much LPG remains in the cylinder.


Hexagon Ragasco cylinders do not rust or deteriorate, and users around the world appreciate this feature because they don’t leave stains on a kitchen cabinet, deck, car, boat, or anywhere else they choose to place them. Our cylinders appeal to environmentally-conscious customers as they help preserve the environment by eliminating toxic residues from the refurbishment process and saving energy. 


Hexagon Ragasco cylinders unmatched safety record is backed by millions of cylinders in use by families worldwide.
For 21 years and counting , our cylinders have been performing in diverse weather conditions ranging from - 40 degrees Celsius in arctic regions, to +65 degrees Celsius in tropical, coastal and desert regions.