Product benefits

Hexagon Ragasco composite LPG cylinders offer numerous advantages to businesses and home-owners.

Our cylinders have proven consumer satisfaction thanks to their unique features. Offering a unique product means more customers and a growing and recurring revenue stream for your business.


In our industry, safety is paramount. Hexagon Ragasco cylinders unmatched safety record is backed by over 12 million cylinders in use by families and businesses worldwide.
For over 15 years, our cylinders have been performing in / withstanding diverse weather conditions ranging from - 40 degrees Celsius in arctic regions, to +65 degrees Celsius in tropical, coastal and desert regions.
Our cylinders withstand a burst pressure that is twice as high as their steel counterparts and, because they will not BLEVE, the risk of explosion in case of fire is eliminated.


Hexagon Ragasco Cylinders lighter weight is one of its most user-friendly attributes, allowing both businesses and end-users an easy and ergonomic handling.
Our cylinders are typically half the weight of their steel equivalents.This means you will spend less money to haul more gas and realize a faster return on your investment.
Our cylinders are also easier to lift and handle, for just about anyone. Which means less injury risk among your employees, as well as increased customer satisfaction.


The cost of refurbishing steel cylinders and its environmental impact are often underestimated. Additionally, refurbishment does not eliminate the risk of rust returning.Hexagon Ragasco cylinders do not rust or deteriorate, offering the following advantages:

  • Your company will save money by eliminating the cost and time needed for shot-blasting,painting and baking.
  • Your customers will appreciate that our cylinders don’t deteriorate or rust, which means they don’t leave stains on the deck,car, boat, or anywhere else they choose to place them.
  • You will also help preserve the environment by eliminating toxic residues from the refurbishment process and saving energy.


Your customers can easily see the gas level and know when it’s time to refill, which means they will be less likely to run out of gas while the cylinder is in use.
Hexagon Ragasco cylinders translucent construction eliminates the need for inaccurate gauges. A simple quick visual check is enough to confirm the level of LPG.
You can build customer trust and preference with this unique feature.